7 Freelance websites that pay in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

7 Freelance websites that pay in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies

With the recent uprising of the crypto market value of bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies, the opportunity for online jobs has risen immensely. Due to this, the demands for crypto and blockchain developers have also increased. This list is for anyone who is interested to work as a freelancer and earn income in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. And what better time to start than now.

1 Earn.com
on Earn.com you will work on completing short tasks and surveys, replying to emails, completing promotional offers, and more. It’s very simple to create your profile on the platform and start communication with the recruiters/employers and get paid in bits, which will add up in the future.

2 Cryptogrind
A wide range of freelance jobs are posted regularly on this website. Works include programming,, content writing, advertising, software development, music and more. After creating and completing your profile, employers who want your skills will contact you.

3 Crypto.jobs
This platform enables you to work remotely which makes it easier to earn from any country. Jobs range from development, programming, marketing, sales, and more.

4 BlockLancer
Using only your bitcoin wallet, you can start earning without your identity being known. You can work and earn from any country. Just create a profile, publish your skills and you are good to go. They pay in BTC and ETH .

5 CoinBase
This platform is popular in cryptocurrency dealing and exchange but a few know that you can also earn crypto on the website. You will be offered learning opportunities about the latest cryptocurrencies and get rewards as well as free bonuses.

6 BitGigs
Most of the jobs here are done remotely so you can work from any location. Compared to the other websites, it’s less popular buttons of freelance jobs are posted regularly and creating a gig is super simple so we advise you to hurry before it gets saturated over there.

7 BitforTip
On this platform, you earn crypto by answering queries posted by users. And you will get paid if the users like your answers. Payments for questions as found alongside each question.

While there are other websites that you could earn crypto by freelancing, these are the leading and the most secure ones we chose to add to our list. Even if you have worked for long time on other freelancer websites before, we advise you to start on these and earn because who knows how much the prices of these coins be worth after some time.

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