Edward Snowden reveals he was one of six who helped launch Zcash

Cybersecurity poster boy and authorities surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed he performed a pivotal function within the creation of privateness token Zcash (ZEC).

A video from Zcash Media featured an interview with Snowden the place he outlined his involvement as one of many six people who had a chunk of the Zcash multisig non-public key to launch the mission on Oct. 23, 2016. Within the video, Snowden said:

“My title is Edward Snowden. I participated within the Zcash unique ceremony beneath the pseudonym John Dobbertin.”

Edward Snowden is the whistleblower who revealed U.S. authorities surveillance techniques and went into hiding in 2013.

Zcash is a decentralized blockchain that makes use of zero-knowledge proofs in its transactions. ZEC transactions can’t be tracked and the quantities transmitted can’t be decided, not like with comparatively clear Bitcoin (BTC).

The Zcash Ceremony noticed Snowden and 5 different folks every mix their portion of the Zcash non-public key to launch the mission. Not one of the contributors knew who the others have been nor what portion of the important thing they held in order to guard their anonymity, one of many tenets of the mission.

Every particular person’s key portion wanted to be destroyed to be able to stop cash or transactions from being counterfeited sooner or later.

Within the interview with Zcash Media, Snowden shared his enthusiasm for the mission and his zeal for privateness. He stated “The issue with [Bitcoin] is you possibly can’t have actually free commerce except you’ve got non-public commerce.”

“I am simply actually joyful to see that the Zcash mission […] is shifting us nearer and nearer in the direction of that preferrred of a free forex which can also be a non-public forex.”

One other participant within the ceremony, Bitcoin developer Peter Todd recalled the “legendary” lengths the Zcash Ceremony contributors went to to be able to keep away from being hacked.

Todd stated that he purchased a brand new laptop and put in all of the required applications for the ceremony then positioned the pc in a faraday cage in order to forestall any undesirable intrusions. A faraday cage is a field lined with aluminum foil, which displays wifi indicators.

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He then drove to a distant space the place he took a blow torch to his machine to be able to destroy his portion of the Zcash non-public key.

Information of Snowden’s contribution didn’t have a lot impact on the worth as ZEC is at the moment up 1.7% over the previous 24 hours, buying and selling at $148 based on Cointelegraph information.